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Private clinic empowerment

  • Facilitates the appropriate online or in-person patient consultations via a secure and advanced online platform of private clinics registered with Malaysian Medical Association

  • Facilitates digital therapeutics such as health diagnosis and monitoring with smart medical devices and technologies via IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Provides technology solutions to create 360-degree view, real-time patient records

  • Facilitates end-to-end e-commerce between private clinics, medical product suppliers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as consumers

  • Provides 3PL and 4PL or third-party and fourth-party logistics for optimal efficiency and savings as well as automated last-mile delivery

  • Provides technology solutions for private clinic operations for better cost management, among other efficiencies

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Fast, large-scale primary healthcare solutions

  • Supplies BGI Genomic RT-PCR (Rapid Test) kit to improve Covid-19 diagnosis efficiency; compatible with Universal Real Time PCR system and used in more than 50 countries worldwide

  • Supplies BGI Genomic Antibody Detection Kit used to validate the SARS-CoV-2 infection on potential asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers, determine if patients can be discharged or have a second infection, test the efficacy of vaccines and identify the immunised population

  • Provides end-to-end setup, installation and commissioning of Covid-19 Testing Labs. The Huo-Yan Air Lab can be air freighted for flexible site selection, fast layout, construction, start-up. Its flexible configuration allows countries to rapidly establish and upgrade nucleic acid testing capabilities for SARS-Cov-2. The Huo-Yan Air Lab’s proven management experience has been replicated globally

  • Provides a wide range of research and development services that encompass wide range of needs such as:

    • Basic research covering human, plant, animal and microbial species

    • Clinical research into human health

    • Genetic testing and screening

    • Drug discovery and development

    • Agriculture and biodiversity conservation and sustainability

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NeoGenix Laboratoire

Gene analysis and diagnostic tests

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  • Provisioning of online registration of inbound travellers at immigration points at the Sultan Iskandar Building and Sultan Abu Bakar Complex immigration checkpoints between Johor and Singapore to register and pay for COVID-19 medical screening and certification, and provision of quarantine and related services to include the Reciprocal Green Lane, Periodic Commuting Agreement, and Daily Commuting Arrangement travel schemes.

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HS Ligno

  • Marketing and distributing LiGNO’s products which aid in building resistance against lung-related and other health issues including, without limitation the Covid-19 virus in particularly “Tiger Milk Mushroom +”.

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Neogenix FoodScience

  • Research and development in biotechnology & its related services

  • Wholesale of a variety of food grade products

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HS CloudLab

  • Provisioning of laboratory services management system

  • Facilitate and segregate test samples from hospitals and clinics to Neogenix Lab and other partner laboratories supported by our strategic partner and logistics specialist, Line Clear Express & Logistics Sdn Bhd’s MediBox services.

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  • Supplying COVID TEST Kits, disposable products and medical equipment to the Government, Public & Private Hospitals, Pharmacies, General Practitioners and Private Agencies

  • Exclusive rights to the distribution of ImmuSAFE™. ImmuSAFE™ COVID+ Biochip comprehensive neutralising antibody assay tests as recommended by Malaysia’s Institute for Medical Research (“IMR”) is a test that assesses a person’s level of neutralising antibodies

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