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eMedAsia Sdn Bhd (1371550K) is a joint effort by the Malaysian Medical Association (via its investment arm KOOP MMA) and HS Bio to digitalise primary healthcare services in Malaysia. The eMedAsia digital platform enables private clinics to amongst other things, procure medicine, provide telemedicine services and access other healthcare-related services, among other facilities. This will set the foothold for the future of how private clinic medical services will be carried out in future.


Pantasniaga Sdn Bhd (1040530T) has a growing track record of procuring medical supplies and equipment such PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test kits and test labs quickly and at scale. It has successfully deployed Covid-19 test labs and supplied PCR test kits to government agencies in Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah. It currently supplies Covid-19 PCR test kits to the Institute of Medical Research Malaysia.

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NeoGenix Laboratoire Sdn Bhd (1191967-W) is a medical diagnostic and research laboratory specializing in molecular infectious diseases and oncology testing. It was founded in June 2016 by an experienced team of knowledge-based professionals that continues to manage its operations.


Neogenix Sdn Bhd (1415884W) is a company which is in the business of provisioning online registration of inbound travelers through the backed by at immigration points between Johor and Singapore at the Sultan Iskandar Building (“BSI”) and Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (“KSAB”). The Jengu platform is the incumbent and only platform recognised by the Johor State Government for all point of entry screening at BSI and KSAB through NeoGenix Lab.

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HS Ligno Sdn Bhd (1425067T) is a joint-venture company with LiGNO Holding Sdn Bhd (“LiGNO”) to market and distribute the latter’s products which aid in building resistance against lung-related and other health issues including, without limitation the Covid-19 virus.

LiGNO’s cultivation and production facilities are certified and licensed including but not limited to ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, and Organic Certified, whereas its products have undergone extensive research with research partners from around the world. LiGNO is also the world’s first Tiger Milk Mushroom (“TMM”) cultivation expert, as certified by The Malaysia Book of records.

HS Ligno intends to expand the commercial reach of LiGNO’s proprietary innovations and products including TMM and other functional nutraceutical active ingredients such as cordyceps sinensis, bird nest, chaga mushroom and antrodia camphorata for the benefit of people to aid in building resistance against various health-related issues.

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HS Cloud Lab Sdn Bhd (1433067M) is involved in the business of provisioning laboratory services management system which aims be the aggregator of medical diagnosis and lab R&D services in Malaysia and SEA region connecting the laboratories with the healthcare facilities and institutions. Cloud Lab will facilitate and segregate test samples from hospitals and clinics to Neogenix Lab and other partner laboratories supported by our strategic partner and logistics specialist, Line Clear Express & Logistics Sdn Bhd’s MediBox services.

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RZAC ImmuneSAFE Sdn Bhd (1224416X) is the sole distributor of the Immusafe COVID+ Biochip which have been approved for use by Medical Device Authority (“MDA”) in Malaysia.

  With RZAC having the exclusive right to the distribution of ImmuSAFE™, RZAC has secured orders and commitments from various government agencies and private companies, including vaccine producers.

ImmuSAFE™ COVID+ Biochip comprehensive neutralising antibody assay tests as recommended by Malaysia’s Institute for Medical Research (“IMR”) is a test that assesses a person’s level of neutralising antibodies. These neutralising antibodies are essential in generating an effective protective immunity, for which only the presence of neutralising antibodies is an indication that the body is capable of preventing the virus from entering its cells. It is the world’s first lab-based biochip test for COVID-19 that enables highly quantitative determination of both the level and target location of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in an individual.

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Neogenix Foodscience Sdn Bhd (1430678V) is a company involved in the provisioning of research & development in biotechnology and its related services. The company also involves in new food product development and wholesale of such products.

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