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Ligno Holding Sdn Bhd (“LiGNO”) wishes to express its appreciation to Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd (“Hong Seng”) for bringing its products to the global market. LiGNO’s Tiger Milk Mushroom (“TMM”) comes from a rare subterraneous mushroom that is touted as a national treasure. TMM has been used by Orang Asli and locals alike traditionally for cough, sinusitis and asthmatic conditions among the local communities for more than 500 years.

LiGNO has developed the proprietary technology to cultivate TMM and enable the scientific tapping into the medicinal properties of TMM. Unrelentless researches since the successful cultivation has revealed TMM to be an effective aid for respiratory health and assist in recovery from respiratory ailments. TMM has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties which are useful in many therapies. LiGNO’s cultivation technology is patented, and its production facilities are certified and licensed, including but not limited to ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, and Organic Certified.

LiGNO has been recognised as the world’s first TMM cultivation expert and has successfully developed a proprietary solid state fermentation technology in a temperature- controlled and sterile environment to begin the commercial cultivation and production of TMM in a large scale.

In order to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety profile of the trademarked cultivated TMM, also known as LiGNO TM02® Tiger Milk Mushroom freeze-dried powder, numerous studies have been done with researchers around the world. The proprietary technology developed by LiGNO ensures and preserves the maximum content of TMM’s active components.

Dr Tan Chon Seng, the founder of LiGNO who has also earned himself the reputation as the ‘Patriarch of Tiger Milk Mushroom’

Dr Tan Chon Seng, the founder of LiGNO whose hard work has earned him the reputation as the ‘Patriarch of Tiger Milk Mushroom’, said: “I would like to thank Hong Seng for its commitment to bring our products, including the Tiger Milk Mushroom to the international market. I am excited as this will help to keep one of Malaysia’s most valuable heritages alive. Tiger Milk Mushroom has been an important traditional medicinal mushroom used by the local communities since the 1890s. It is a great honour to be able to share this rare medicinal gem with the international market.”

Since 2002, Dr Tan has deep-dived into the research of the TMM, a rare mushroom native to Malaysian tropical forests and certain parts of South East Asia. This all started after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad shared his experience in his speech at the International Biotechnology Convention 2002 that his chronic cough had been relieved after consuming a traditional medicine called TMM. It took Dr Tan about six years before a victorious breakthrough in 2008.

Screenshot of The Star report on One in 10 recovered Covid-19 patients in Singapore suffers persistent symptoms six months after infection

TMM is popularly used to treat lung and respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough, sinus, joint pain, cancer, chronic hepatitis, gastric ulcer, and as a general tonic. Some of LiGNO TM02® key health benefits include:

  1. Lung & Respiratory health

  2. Supports immune health

  3. Relieves Allergies

  4. Reduces oxidative stress

  5. Joint health

TMM, which is extremely rare and often confused with the Lingzhi mushroom, grows in isolation and could only be found one stalk at a time. Moreover, the medicinal properties of TMM are only found in the underground tuber, also known as the sclerotium. This means that most of the active compounds in sclerotium would have been depleted by the time the stem and cap have appeared.

Aside from Tiger Milk Mushroom, LiGNO’s team which was founded by scientists and researchers, has the technology and methodology to extract and concentrate the active ingredients of medicinal compounds from plants and mushrooms to produce the highest medicinal value and are currently marketed under the Tigerus® house brand. By using this technology, consumers are getting more value for their money via a more efficient production process. Other supplements which LiGNO produces using its technology and methodology include the Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, Birds’ nest, Chaga, Sanghuang and Antrodi Camphorata.

Antrodia is used as a traditional remedy for cancer prevention and liver tonic sold as a herbal supplement in Taiwan. Ophiocordyceps is used for a variety of illnesses, including respiratory, renal, liver and cardiovascular diseases, as well as for immune disorders.

It is also used to support men’s health. Chaga mushroom is used to promote healthy ageing, balances the metabolic system as well as to serve as a natural adaptogen.

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