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Our Partners

Our ever-growing list of Partners comprisesare industry leaders, reputable and of world class reputeation. AWe, as a relatively newyoung player in theis field, HS Bio is extremely proud to have been entrusted by each of themthat they have each placed their trust in us and chosen us  to be their local partner or market presence. To maintain suchthis trust that is foundational to any successful partnership, we aim to scale our service, spectrum, deliverables, brand name and business practices in an ethical, sustainable way, upholding our Partners’their world-class standards, brand valuesreputation and service levels.

WThrough us, we are able to create a nexus of synergistic solutions involving our Partners, such as. An example was with thea sponsorship of PCR test machines and PCR test kits initiated by HS Bio andbut involving Fosun, X-ABT and KOOPoop MMA to assist during the Sabah Covid-19 outbreak circa October 2020. WIt was a small role we played in our nation’s fight against the pandemic but nonetheless, we are proud to have contributed in a small way to the nation’s efforts to control the pandemic despite the steep despite certain obstacles and learning curve and challenges posed by the lockdownissues we faced and overcame.

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KOOP MMA, or Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia, is the investment arm of the Malaysian Medical Association or MMA. MMA is the main representative body for all registered medical practitioners in Malaysia, with some 14,000 registered doctors in the association, and 35,000 doctors on its continuing professional development (CPD) platform. Our subsidiary eMedAsia Sdn. Bhd. is a joint effort and partner with KOOPoop MMA whichwhere Koop MMA holdsowns a 48% stake. of eMedAsia Sdn. Bhd. and tTogether, they run our platform.

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Line Clear Express Logistics Sdn Bhd

Line Clear Express & Logistics Sdn Bhd is a fully integrated supply chain management specialist wholly-owned by MMAG Holdings Berhad. It has 66 hubs and branches in East and West Malaysia. It offers courier services, freight services (including their own cargo planes), transit insurance, transit clearance, customised and special handling services, warehousing, fulfilment, as well as third and fourth-party logistics. With Line Clear’s Scan2Deliver technology, customers can empower themselves to carry out end-to-end delivery using the Line Clear app or from a web browser. Goods can be sent and received on the same day in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Seremban and Kuantan subject to a cut-off time.
Through this partnership, we were able to be the first company to offer Peninsular Malaysia-wide PCR testing through our NeoGgenix Laboratoirelaboratory. This is in line with theour national’s strategy of to combat the pandemic through increased testing to control pandemic. Currently, PCR testing isare not widely available nationwide, especially in smaller towns, due to a lack of molecular testing labs. Aand as part of our public contribution to the nation, we initiated a partnership with Line Clear Express Logisticswhere our partner is able to transport biologically secured swab samples promptly to our laboratory for testing and results reporting.

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Fosun Trade Co. Ltd

The Fosun Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the world and frequently appears onbeing Forbes and Fortune rankings.ed and has It describes its three3 main pillarsbusiness pillars as,: Health, Wealth and Happiness. As one ofIt is perhaps the largest and most successful private healthcare players in the People’s Republic of China, it and owns or has investments in a wide spectrum of healthcare companies, from products and, innovation toand hospitals. UnderFor its Wealth pillar, it owns or has interests in many banks, mutual funds and insurance companies acrossall over the world while its Happiness pillar includescomprises amongst others, ownership or interests in brands such as Club Med, Lanvin, Tsingtao, Thomas Cook and even a team in the English Premier League team, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Fosun Trade Co. Ltd aspires to create a one-stop health services ecosystem covering the full life-cycle of the family as a consumer unit. Fosun is engaged in pharmaceutical research and development, medical devices and diagnosis, medicine distribution, medical services, maternal and child supplies, care services for the elderly and consumer health goods.

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Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co. Ltd

Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co. Ltd or X-ABT is a molecular diagnostic enterprise specialising in the detection of pathogenic microbes. It has developed and produced more than 400 types of PCR detection reagents for national health agencies and hospitals. It is also developing tumour genetic testing and pharmacogenomic testing. X-ABT’sIts WHO- approved PCR test kit was the subject of donation from China to Malaysia during the early outbreak stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, together with a team of doctors from China.

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Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a National Key Laboratory for Collateral Disease Research and Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation in China. Its pioneering work in the industrialisation of TCM covers cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, tumours, and diabetes. Its TCM production line and chemical preparation production workshop are CE-certified.

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