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Incoming travellers can pre-book RTK-Antigen tests at private clinics via KOOP MMA, powered by eMedA

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Private clinics are now offering the required professional RTK ANtigen testing service through the KOOP MMA programme.

The programme, a cooperative by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) members and its digital platform provider, aims to reduce congestion at airports in receiving international travellers.

According to a statement today, the professional RTK Antigen testing service is available via pre-booking online for international travellers at

Around 2,000 private GPs are participating in the programme.

“We welcome the decision by the Health Ministry for making professional RTK Antigen tests a requirement for visitors entering malaysia,” said KOOP MMA chairman Dr Thirunavukarasu Rajoo.

He said professionally-conducted RTK Antigen tests by trained medical professionals will ensure a higher accuracy in testing, which will be vital in preventing the import of Covid-19 infections as the country further opens up the economy with the reopening of borders to international travellers.

“Our tourism sector, which was one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, needs to be safeguarded against disruptions.

“We need to ensure preventive measures at the highest level for all visitors to our country and the population for a smooth transition to endemicity.

“We foresee that testing at the airport upon arrival may hold up travellers and cause congestion. This can be an unpleasant experience for our international visitors and it may even lead to new Covid-19 clusters just when we are reviving our nation’s tourism,” he said.

With a pre-booked professional RTK Antigen test, he said travellers do not need to queue up for a test at the airport and be held up waiting for the result.

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